Monday, December 11, 2006

Rip and Replace: So long Exchange features--we hardly knew ye!

TechRepublic has an article out the features of Exchange that Microsoft has ripped out of Microsoft Exchange 2007. Althought not comprehensive, it lists the following as most significant:

  • Exchange 5.5 integration: No longer available. Users will have to migrate to Exchange 2000 or 2003 before they can install 2007 (which is 64-bit only, of course) in their infrastructure. - You can still run a Domino 4.6.7a server in a mixed 5, 6, and 7 infrastructure
  • Network-attached storage: Exchange 2007 does not support network-attached storage, only iSCSI.
  • Active Directory Computers and Users-based management: The author seems to think this will make it more difficult to manage users. ROI?
  • NNTP: Gone. NNTP has been removed from Exchange 2007. - Same in Lotus Domino. RIP, NNTP.
  • Active/Active clustering: Only active/passive clustering is supported in Exchange 2007. - Active clustering has always (since Release 4.5?) - and still is - supported in IBM Lotus Domino.

The article then sums it up:
This isn’t a complete list of what Microsoft has gutted from Exchange 2007. While some of these features won’t be missed, some will take some getting used to and will require workarounds.

I'm sure Active/Active clustering (that has a single point of failure) will definitely not be missed since it never worked in the first place? ;)

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