Friday, November 14, 2014

Sametime Meeting Server - Changing Meeting Room URLs to Hide Owner E-mail Addresses

When installing Sametime Meeting Servers, the Meeting rooms and their links are originally based on the owner's e-mail address.  This may pose privacy issues by exposing the user's e-mail address to external parties (when meetings are publicly accessible on the Internet) as well as when user's e-mail address change.

As a best practice, you can add a Custom Configuration Property to your Sametime Base Meeting Servers where Meeting Rooms will use the concept of UUID based URLs that never change.  The functionality is enabled via the configuration parameter meetingroomcenter.useUUIDBasedURLs. A value of true causes room URLs to be UUID based.


  1. Log into your Sametime Deployment Manager's Integrated System Console (example:
  2. In the View drop down list, select Sametime System Console.
  3. Click on your Sametime Meeting Server Name (Ex:
  4. On the next page, click on Server Configuration > New.
  5. In the Configuration key field, add meetingroomcenter.useUUIDBasedURLs.
  6. Configuration value, type true.
  7. Repeat this for any other Sametime Base Meeting Servers you may have in your deployment.
  8. Restart your Sametime Meeting Servers.


Note how the Meeting Room URL changes after implementing the server configuration:



Thanks to Enio Basso for sharing this! 

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