Thursday, January 10, 2008

Help needed: Sametime 8 server installer says has a password

I'm doing a fresh new install of a Sametime 8 server environment on top of a new Domino 8 install. Server is installed as standard, out of the box settings, no password is set. Start Domino 8 server, and it runs fine. However, the Sametime 8 installer swears the has a password on it:
The install detected that the Domino server ID is password protected. This password is required to complete the Sametime server configuration. Enter the password, and choose Next to validate the password.
I've gone into the ID Properties to double check, no password is defined. Has anyone run into this before? Haven't had an issue with Sametime 7.5.1.

Thanks to Chris Gambrell for the tip on the STSkipDominoPasswordCheck=true environment variable which did the trick.


Chris Gambrell said...

My tweet responses seem to have disappeared. It may be a sign that something else is wrong but you can try bypassing the password check. For Windows set STSkipDominoPasswordCheck=true in an environment variable. For Linux set in setuplinux.sp.

Keith said...

ck you are not by accident running off an file.
Check your notes.ini for the serverkeyfilename and make sure it is correctly pointing to it.

IdoNotes said...

Have you also tried just hitting enter with no password? The check is provided for the setup but I have not had it stop on multiple 8 servers that have been done.

Geoff said...

Having the same problem here.

Checked the notes.ini to make sure serverkeyfilename was pointed to correct id.
Tried hitting enter but installer insists on a password.
I double-checked to make sure id file doesnt have a password.

Daniel - did you get any further with this?

Daniel Silva said...

@ Chris Gambrell, thanks for the tip, it worked. Not sure what caused in the first place.

@ Keith, I did check that, as well as notes.ini settings, but they were correct.

@idonotes, I did try that, but the installer didn't let me proceed.

@Geoff, the setting that Chris suggested did the trick, install proceeded w/o any issues. Apparently the server is fine, but since it's a test environment, should any issues arise will probably have to have it rebuilt.