Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple's iPhone Keynote: a missed opportunity for IBM?

All hype aside on the newly announced iPhone from Apple, Inc. (since it removed "Computer" from it's company name), one thing really annoyed me at the keynote:

Why was iPhone IMAP support for Microsoft's Exchange announced, but no Lotus Domino/Notes???

Given that Microsoft is greater competitor to Apple than IBM is, and IBM has been a long time partner with Apple (back from the PowerPC days as well as launching Lotus Notes 7.0.2 and Lotus Sametime for the Mac) one has to ask the question:

How could IBM allow a *major* announcement like that go by and note have IBM Lotus Notes and/or Domino be a part of it? Domino has supported IMAP for as long as I can remember (4.5? 4.6?).

I can't get over this... Is it just me?

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Oliver said...

Steve Jobs didn't announce IMAP support for Microsoft Exchange. He announced IMAP and POP3 support for the iPhone. On his slide he put examples of three products that support IMAP and three products that support POP3. There are many more that support POP3 e.g.