Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cumulative Hotfix 9001-ST-Proxy-FP-WLIN-A8ZJ5B for Sametime Proxy [April 2016]

IBM has released a new Cumulative Hotfix for Sametime Proxy 9001-ST-Proxy-FP-WLIN-A8ZJ5B (April 2016)
 Change list for this hotfix:
- server log cleanup
- performance improvements for iNotes integration when scrolling the inbox
- fix for unclickable links in chat transcript when URLs include default ports (e.g. :80 for HTTP, :443 for HTTPS)
- support for integration with iNotes standards mode
- fix for incorrect status message stating that a user had left the chat when converting from 1-to-1 to group chat
- fix for a literal typed '\n' being converted to a line break in chat transcript and hard link breaks (shift + enter) being removed
- improved support for iOS clients
- UI improvements
- add ability to disable mobile push notifications in the server configuration
- improvements to management of log files on the server
- security fixes
- fix for the Auto Away browser extension when user manually sets status to Away before locking screen
- add drag and drop support in the contact list to move a contact from one group to another

Please note you will need to *first* upgrade your Sametime System Console to Hot Fix 9001-ST-SSC-FP-AGAR-A95S8V before applying  9001-ST-Proxy-FP-WLIN-A8ZJ5B:

Sametime System Console Hotfix 9001-ST-SSC-FP-AGAR-A95S8V - ST30.25 build (April 2016):

Monday, April 18, 2016

Your ACTION Required for Sametime 9 iOS Customers before May 5, 2016 - Updated security certificate for Push Notifications (iOS)

Folks, for those of you with customers running Sametime 9 and integrating with iOS (Apple Push Notification Service), your customers must take action described on the following technote to update their Apple Certificates before May 5, 2016:

Updated security certificate for Push Notifications (iOS) -
Before 5 May 2016, Sametime administrators must download and apply the latest security certificate for iOS traffic. If Push Notifications have stopped working for the native iOS client, this could be due to the SSL certificate for connecting to the APNS server having expired.