Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cumulative Hotfix 9001-ST-Proxy-FP-WLIN-A8ZJ5B for Sametime Proxy [April 2016]

IBM has released a new Cumulative Hotfix for Sametime Proxy 9001-ST-Proxy-FP-WLIN-A8ZJ5B (April 2016)
 Change list for this hotfix:
- server log cleanup
- performance improvements for iNotes integration when scrolling the inbox
- fix for unclickable links in chat transcript when URLs include default ports (e.g. :80 for HTTP, :443 for HTTPS)
- support for integration with iNotes standards mode
- fix for incorrect status message stating that a user had left the chat when converting from 1-to-1 to group chat
- fix for a literal typed '\n' being converted to a line break in chat transcript and hard link breaks (shift + enter) being removed
- improved support for iOS clients
- UI improvements
- add ability to disable mobile push notifications in the server configuration
- improvements to management of log files on the server
- security fixes
- fix for the Auto Away browser extension when user manually sets status to Away before locking screen
- add drag and drop support in the contact list to move a contact from one group to another

Please note you will need to *first* upgrade your Sametime System Console to Hot Fix 9001-ST-SSC-FP-AGAR-A95S8V before applying  9001-ST-Proxy-FP-WLIN-A8ZJ5B:

Sametime System Console Hotfix 9001-ST-SSC-FP-AGAR-A95S8V - ST30.25 build (April 2016):

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