Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Configuring LDAP for Domino on the Sametime Meeting Recording / Renderer Server on WAS

I'm currently configuring the Sametime Meeting Recording / Renderer node , which is located outside the Sametime System Console Cell, and applied IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 FP5 (

According to the knowledgeable Tony Payne from IBM L3 Sametime Support:

"In WebSphere Application Server - they 'changed' the rules for how Domino LDAP gets configured - WAS tried to allow for "blank" - but to do that, you leave both the unique name and the distinguished name 'blank' - that should pass. If you're going to manually configure it - you have to provide a root. You could also copy your wimconfig.xml from your SSC Cell to the Meeting Recording Capturer/Renderer node."

So with that being said, copy the following file from your Sametime System Console Deployment Manager: 




and restart your WebSphere Application Server.

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