Wednesday, July 30, 2014

IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 IF5 released.

IBM released on July 28 IF5 for Notes Traveler 9.0.1.
Here is the fix list:

IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 Interim Fix 5

Release Date
Build Levels
Release Documentation
July 28, 2014
Android Client

Accepting meeting reschedule or update on iOS 7 device may not update the server copy.
Exception thrown processing repeating event with empty date time stamp.
Reschedule from BlackBerry device may not show correctly for attendees.
Some calendar entries may be missing on device after issues Traveler reset.
Extra reply notice may be generated for non-repeating event.
Import of Notes Calendar may generate duplicate events.
LED notification not working on some Android devices.
Unable to reply to or forward e-mail to user name that contains an ampersand.
LO79754external linkAndroidUncommon file extension may not launch when selected from Notes Traveler client on Android.
LO79796external linkAndroidField used to edit Out of Office message doesn't scroll in Notes Traveler client for Android devices.
LO79811external linkServerActiveSync provision loop may cause resync of all data.
LO79824external linkServerTraveler tracking field may grow to large in mail document.
LO79933external linkServerDevice security view may not display all devices in Traveler HA Pool.
LO79952external linkServerBlackBerry device may send incorrect date for event instance.
LO79960external linkServerThird e-mail address for contact created on mobile device may get replaced by first e-mail address when edited by Notes Web.
LO79975external linkServerPlain test mail from Android should use UTF-8 encoding.
LO79999external linkServerReturn receipt message not consistent with Notes Client.
LO80087external linkServerCreate contact on Apple device and IM Address field may appear unexpectedly.
LO80092external linkServerEvent summary data may be too large for document processing.
LO80163external linkAndroidGerman translation for ToDo not correct on Android client.
LO80183external linkServerSend mail from Apple device with no text and an image may loose the image.
LO80296external linkAndroidTablet view instead of phone view displayed on Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Phone.
LO80340external linkServerApple devices running iOS 7.1.x may periodically resync folders and other content.
LO80343external linkServerOut of Office formatting error being logged by Traveler Server.
LO80373external linkServerBB 10 device may get stuck in Calendar event sync loop.
LO80415external linkServerDouble incompatible with String error message on Traveler server.
LO80422external linkServerToo many unsupported start date warning messages on Traveler server.
LO80423external linkServerCleanup does not always cleanup all users.
LO80425external linkServerMay see field too large to save document error due to presence of BlackBerry fields.
LO80552external linkAndroidSamsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner is not recognized as valid option when password type is unrestricted.
LO80595external linkServerDeadlock on mail server table.
LO80777external linkServerChange read statice for Calendar notices when processing from mobile device.
LO80925external linkServerSupport confirmation notice on Apple devices when changes are included.
LO81006external linkAndroidCalendar alarm may not dismiss on some Android devices.
LO81091external linkServerImprove event fixup Traveler command.
LO81158external linkServerHandle NTS_BODY_THRESHOLD like normal truncation scenario

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