Friday, February 22, 2008

Wanna have some fun and get a few good laughs?

Start following "exchange" and "outlook" on twitter :-)

These are my favorites for today:

"Now my work PC Outlook is complaining about ActiveX controls when I want to reply to a missed... wtf?! Wonder if I got an ActiveX virus?"

"can cloud computing help when exchange servers going belly up?"

"Have I mentioned recently how much I hate Exchange? Just to install the Mgmt Tools I had to install IIS and 3 more subtools...."
And let's not leave Apple Mail out :-)
"Removing stupid mail options. Apple Mail thinks a dozen msgs from the Exchange server are junk. Bad Apple Mail! Bad! On to System Prefs!"
Ah..the joy of having a heck of a stable platform and a redesigned client UI :-)

Update Feb 23: Here are some additional ones:
"Fearing the worst -- that I might have to shift to MS Outlook for my email."

"Microsoft Exchange server sucks... oh wait... it is a Microsoft product... that explains it."

"Thinking about trying out Thunderbird... I've lived in Outlook WAY too long. I need something new. Suggestions? (On Windows...) :)"

"Consulting for someone on their Exchange installation right now. It reminds me of the reason why our company uses Google Apps for our mail."

"Fixing a broken Exchange migration is why I make the big bucks. Just kidding. No really, it is. :-)"
Update Feb. 25:

(sallyt): I loathe Outlook Web Access. It has the functionality of a rock. Actually less.

(coffeemick): @tobetop Outlook ist Usability-frei

(luizguelfi): tentando abrir o Outlook...e tá difícil

girliegeek): Outlook is such a POS (that's Piece of Sh*t in case you were wondering)

(esjewett): Auspicious start to the week: client's Outlook over VPN is borked. Predicted helpdesk answer is, "Use web interface." Productivity nirvana!

(socgirl): And now I am melting Outlook. It does not help to be on a slooooooow network. So glad to be done with this job soon.

(sillyevar): tried switching to outlook from Thunderbird and LMAO. The Junk mail features were 1997, not 2007. Back to TBird for me.

(thisboyelroy): Outlook exchange is the dumbest thing ever to happen to email.

(mikemorrow): Always a Monday bonus to find your entire Outlook profile was blown away by "maintenance" over the wknd. Hooray for backup.

(FrankSchuil): Optimizing my Outlook 2007 , because it's far too slow.

(Eyebee): Outlook is a pain in the posterior.

(sallyt): Outlook web access is for the boids!

(mercurystate): Why is Outlook so slow?

(Caymon): annoyed at our slow exchange server

(thowland): I continue to be amazed at how poor Outlook's HTML rendering is. Here I thought it was IE7 under the hood... it's actually much much worse.

(binderodaemons): so sick of Outlook and Exchange and it's not even lunch time

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