Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Service Pack 2 do Windows Server 2003 afeta negativamente servidores Lotus Domino e Sametime

A IBM publicou recentemente o technote 1295167 - Domino and Sametime performance issues traced to Windows Server 2003 Scalable Networking Pack. Se você está observando problemas de performance com seus servidores Domino ou Sametime após aplicar o Service Pack 2 do Windows 2003, siga as instruções contidas no technote para solucionar esse problema:
The following will resolve the problem:
1. Disable SNP features in accordance with Microsoft's instructions. Note that Registry edits may be required. See Microsoft article 912222 for details.

2. Ensure that the server's NIC does not enable TCP off-loading (which may be labeled "TCO", "TCP Chimney Offload," or "TCP Checksum Offload.")

3. The following Windows Registry Key can be Disabled to turn off the Chimney Offload feature:
via Notes from Lotus Support.

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