Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 2007 NSD Update Build 2708 (W32 & UNIX) released

IBM released on June 16 build 2708 of NSD.

Here's the fixlist for this build:

SPRDescriptionVersion FixedCommentsAssociated TN
SCOS6YVTWLNSD memory gets corrupted while reading system handle table7.0.3/8.0
JROU6WDQH8NSD core files do not contain crashing thread stack7.0.3/8.0
JROU6YDVRUMessages indicating "invalid stack frame detected" in NSD logs should not be written by default7.0.3/8.0enhancement
RGET6Y8MPLChange to nsd -p to allow for auto detach from Notes Process7.0.3/8.0enhancement
XJXJ6RU5ZANSD -p run against Notes process causes system hang7.0.3/8.0
MSAN6YAC76NSD is not suspending Domino processes on Windows7.0.3/8.0
DCOY6ZGN24NSD "Local Disks" section takes too long when the shares are not "connected"7.0.3/8.0
ZSAE72LUK9Crash in memcheck when attempting to map private handles7.0.3/8.0
OMAI6TDK9FError in memcheck due to reading malloc object on Linux (SuSE) platform7.0.3/8.0
ZSAE6ZYKVDError in memcheck while dumping NSF Handle Table - Memcheck takes 2 hours to run on RED HAT, and hangs Domino Server7.0.3/8.0
ZSAE728PALError in memcheck when attempting to dump NSF Folder pool info7.0.3/8.0
MSAN73R9LVNSD should report IPC data time stamps and creator processes7.0.3/8.0enhancement
MSAN73R9DN NSD should report last rebooted time on AIX & Solaris7.0.3/8.0enhancement
MSAN73RLGBNSD fails to report server tasks on 6.54FP27.0.3/8.0

Please be sure to check out Technote 4013182 - Updated NSD for Domino releases to download the NSD update specific to the Domino build you're running.

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