Thursday, September 28, 2006

New to J2EE? Experience it!

A new redbook draft from IBM, entitled Experience J2EE! Using WebSphere Application Server V6.1 has been released. According to the abstract, this book will allow you to:
Novice users are thus able to "Experience J2EE": Move from a theoretical knowledge gained by reading introductory material to a practical knowledge gained by implementing a real-life application.

"Experience" is one stage in gaining and applying knowledge, but there are additional stages that are needed to complete the knowledge acquisition cycle.

This redbook will also help in those stages:

Before "Experiencing J2EE" the reader will "Learn" about the base specifications and intellectual knowledge of J2EE through brief descriptions of the theory and links to other information sources.

After "Experiencing J2EE" the reader will "Explore" advanced J2EE through brief previews of advanced topics and links to other information sources.

This is definitely a very good step in the direction of enabling Domino developers to gain experience with the Java Enterprise Edition model.

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